About Singing Lessons Peterborough

About Singing Lessons Peterborough

Welcome to Singing Lessons Peterborough. My name is Monique and it’s a pleasure to virtually meet you! If you have landed on this page, I assume you are interested in singing and perhaps looking for guidance to perfect your vocal skills. If that is the case, then I hope to be joining you on your singing journey very soon! 

My own adventure with music has begun many years ago when at the age of 6 I discovered my love for the piano and soon after that I realised I could also use my voice to accompany the songs I played. However, whilst I was able to stay in tune and produce a reasonably pleasing sound, I struggled with sustaining notes, breath control, and achieving smooth transitions between my chest, middle and head voice. Back then I obviously didn’t know what the problems were, but I could certainly tell my voice needed coaching. 

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Singing both intrigued and annoyed me at the same time. I loved how I could sing a melody to accompany the piano, but didn’t like how the sound wasn’t always exactly what I had envisaged in my head. So, to explore the subject of singing mechanics in greater detail, and with the hope to improve the way I used my voice, I joined a local church choir. There, I learnt a lot about important basics such as posture, breathing techniques, pitch, tone, dynamics, and performance, and all of these skills formed a solid and important foundation for all my future singing endeavours. 

My adventure with music perhaps never would have begun if it wasn’t for my love of Queen and Freddie Mercury, who had become my ultimate role model in regards to singing and performance. It was my utter fascination with him that inspired me to move to the UK from Poland in 1997. Since then, I have performed with a number of great bands and musicians and not only developed my vocal skills further but also acquired valuable experience in performance, which I now hope to share with you. 

To book your first lesson or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page or by calling 03458 690679.

Holistic approach to singing

I believe our voice is an intimate part of us. It carries and conveys the meaning of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so I have developed a vocal coaching system that involves more than just teaching the singing mechanics. Alongside breathing techniques, warm-up exercises, pitch correction, and range development my lessons will also help you acquire better understanding of how to look after your instrument and the rest of your body to relief any stress or strain and develop a voice that you can always rely on, use it to express your very own uniqueness, and become a more confident performer.

To book your first singing lesson or simply to find out more get in touch via email or call 03458 690679.

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