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If you are interested in booking your first lesson or simply want to find out more about Singing Lessons Peterborough, do drop me an email via the contact form below. Lessons start from £20 per 1/2 hour lesson and are held from my home teaching space located on Penrith Grove, Peterborough, PE4 7FQ.

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Holistic approach to singing

I believe our voice is an intimate part of us. It carries and conveys the meaning of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so I have developed a vocal coaching system that involves more than just teaching the singing mechanics. Alongside breathing techniques, warm-up exercises, pitch correction, and range development my lessons will also help you acquire better understanding of how to look after your instrument and the rest of your body to relieve any stress or strain and develop a voice that you can always rely on, use it to express your very own uniqueness, and become a more confident performer.

To book your first singing lesson or simply to find out more get in touch via email or call 03458 690679.