Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have experience?

Not at all. All beginners are welcome. In fact, beginners often make noticeable progress quicker than singers who might have acquired incorrect singing techniques, as these often take longer to eliminate and replace with tactics that are correct and healthier for their voices.

Do you teach children?

Absolutely, children of all ages are more than welcome. Half hour lessons each week tend to work best with young people under 11, with children under 5 taking a short snappy 15 minutes every week. You are invited to join us during your child's singing lessons if you would like to sit in.

Can we do a group booking?

Yes of course. These can be a lot of fun and great practise for singing in a band and working with other musicians. One - to – one lesson is great for covering personal technique, but groups can be amazingly beneficial for developing performance skills, learning to harmonise, as well as group feedback and support.

Where are you based?

I teach all of my singing lessons from my residence located on Penrith Grove, Peterborough, PE4 7FQ. Click on the map to bring up our location on Google Maps. It is the perfect place for singing lessons as it is really easy to get to and has a nice relaxed atmosphere to learn.

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How often should I take lessons?

I would advise a minimum of one lesson a week in order to ensure consistent progress, but some people have one every two weeks and others have 2 – 3 lessons per week, it’s completely up to you.

What would happen if I miss a lesson?

That’s absolutely not a problem. Just let me know within a 48 hour period before the lesson and we can rearrange to another time that best suits you. Singing Lessons Peterborough does have a 48-hour cancellation policy which does mean that if you cancel your lesson within this time you will still be charged the full price.

What styles do you teach?

I have many students who are interested in a wide variety of musical styles. Once you have learnt the fundamental skills of singing correctly, you are free to experiment with whichever style you wish and would love to pursue.

What happens during the lessons?

All singing lessons are tailored to each student’s specific requirements. Each student’s course may vary according to what areas need more attention and what music they are most interested in. Lessons are based around the core rules of singing, including using diaphragmatic breathing, maintaining correct posture, warm-up exercises, pitch control, releasing negative muscular tension, etc.

Can I buy lessons as a gift?

Of course. Gift vouchers are available for however many lessons you would like to purchase as a gift. Please contact me and I shall give you all information needed.

I would like to buy a piano/guitar to accompany myself while practising singing at home - can you recommend a good music shop in Peterborough?

Sure, there is a great range of music shops in Peterborough where you can find an instrument that would suit your requirements (i.e. price, size and etc.).

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