Music Shops in Peterborough

Music Shops in Peterborough

Here at Singing Lessons Peterborough we are often asked by our singing students which local music shops they should check out to get all there musical needs. Well to help them along their way I have drawn together a list of some of the best local music shops Peterborough has to offer. Catering for all sizes of budgets and all levels of musician make sure you check out these local music stores...

Peterborough Music Ltd is packed full of songbooks perfect for singers of all styles. The music store located at 4 Cattle Market Road, PE1 1TW, is well known for its friendly customer service and knowledgable staff. They also stock a good range of PA systems and mics suitable for local singers of all levels. Great local music store.

GTR Music based in Orton Southgate, Peterborough, has some fantastic PA Systems that can be hired out for all sizes of performances. Opened in 2010 GTR Music also has a great range of songbooks and musical instruments as well really friendly staff. Boasting some of the biggest brand names in music make sure you go and take a look at GTR Music.

The Guitar Lounge is certainly for the singing-songwriter vocalists out there. Packed full of guitar equipment with some beautiful guitars The Guitar Lounge is located at 56 Culley Court, PE2 6WA and well worth a visit. They also have a great range of different amps, with extremely knowledgable staff that can help out with all sorts of live performance questions you might have. You can keep your band's guitarist happy with a trip here too.

Guitar Shack is another one for the singing-guitarists. Located at 949 Lincoln Road Walton, PE4 6AF, the store is simply packed full of guitars of all shapes and sizes. Boasting some great deals it is the perfect place to pick up your first guitar to sing along to. Well worth taking a look at.

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