Peterborough Singing Lessons

Peterborough Singing Lessons

My singing lessons are tailored to each student’s individual requirements with the main focus on helping you achieve your full vocal potential, develop your own unique style, and acquire the confidence required to perform in front of an audience. 

I truly believe that singing is one of the most extraordinary forms of expression and with the right training and guidance anyone can explore and make much better use of the instrument that we have all been gifted with.  

Our lessons will be structured in a way that is best suited to your needs and cover an array of exercises and techniques to help you achieve your goals. However, even though correct posture, alignment, and technique are important considerations, singing involves much more than that. If you only focus on theory and technique, you may end up singing from your head rather than your heart, so in my lessons I always strive for the right balance between theory and ‘singing on feel’, which I have found invaluable in my own musical endeavours.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

Holistic approach to singing

I believe our voice is an intimate part of us. It carries and conveys the meaning of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so I have developed a vocal coaching system that involves more than just teaching the singing mechanics. Alongside breathing techniques, warm-up exercises, pitch correction, and range development my lessons will also help you acquire better understanding of how to look after your instrument and the rest of your body to relief any stress or strain and develop a voice that you can always rely on, use it to express your very own uniqueness, and become a more confident performer.

To book your first singing lesson or simply to find out more get in touch via email or call 03458 690679.

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